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Midcoast Area Veterans Wall

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The Midcoast Area Veterans Memorial is dedicated to Veterans and all Veterans’ families from all wars and conflicts. The Memorial was created to give the Midcoast Maine community a place to reflect and honor the veterans in their lives.

The Work We Do

The thirty-four foot concrete wall is composed of granite tiles, laser etched with veteran portraits. These tiles are gifted from individuals in the community. Since the tiles are funded through individual donations, the wall reflects the community it represents. The Memorial operates entirely through the work of dedicated volunteers. All funds raised are handled by the Finance Director of the City of Rockland and will be used for improvements to the Memorial site.

Add to the Wall

New tiles are added to the Memorial two times a year, before Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. If you would like to add a tile to the wall in honor of a veteran, choose a package at the top of this page.